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Why use O Rainbird for your extension?

Our renovation experts work with customers from design all the way to completion of the project, ensuring every fine detail is finished off with flair to create dynamic new spaces.

Regardless if you require building regulations or structural changes, we will cover every aspect of the project while also consistently liaising with the customer so that your vision of a wonderfully renovated home is brought to life within your budget.

Old bathroom removed
Bathroom Refurbishment underway

Home Transformations

Transform your home with striking new renovations courtesy of O Rainbird Property Services. From bathrooms to kitchens, lofts and cellars or even a full house renovation including new windows and doors, our team go the extra mile to achieve outstanding results.

New Bathroom finished
New shower in new bathroom
View of new bathroom from doorway

Renovation experts to trust

Customers can rely on our skilled tradesmen to craft any bespoke renovation at a great value for money with no comprises on quality. In fact, our high-quality work not only creates fantastic new spaces within the home, but also adds significant value to any property if you decide to sell and move on in the future.

For seamless renovations that add value to any home, contact O Rainbird Property Services and enquire today.

To discuss your building renovation requirements or for further information call us today.